Today many people have to spend a lot of time at home to avoid risking their health, just like characters of Decameron, a classic Italian novel written in early Renaissance. We are launching the #ReadingDecameron promotion so that everyone could have a chance to watch the famous Giovanni Boccaccio's work online from anywhere on Earth. They will hear tales about religion, humour, heroes and love read aloud by film and stage actors, journalists and other famous personalities. You can join the readings too! Record yourself reading one of the tales and send it to us via the feedback form. We will post the best videos on our website.
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Here beginneth the first day of the Decameron wherein (after demonstration made by the author of the manner in which it came to pass that the persons who are hereinafter presented foregathered for the purpose of devising together) under the governance of Pampinea is discoursed of that which is most agreeable unto each.
Here beginneth the second day of the Decameron wherein under the governance of Filomena is discoursed of those who after being baffled by divers chances have won at last to a joyful issue beyond their hope.
Here beginneth the third day of the Decameron wherein under the governance of Neifile is discoursed of such as have by dint of diligence acquired some much desired thing or recovered some lost good.
Here beginneth the fourth day of the Decameron wherein under the governance of Filostrato is discoursed of those whose loves have had unhappy endings.
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