The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

Russian applied and folk art of the 17th – 21st centuries
The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is a modern space, where the experience and traditions of decorative arts serve as a starting point for facilitating communication and creativity.

Tour of the permanent exhibition
'Interior Decorations'
Viewers of this online tour will get a chance to see a wide variety of interior decorations held in the museum's collection. The collection features Empire style furniture sets, which prevailed in Europe for a long period of time and really resonated with the Russian nobility. It has also got a bronze mantel clock modelled after the monument to Minin and Pozharsky on Red Square. Furthermore, the collection holds the amazing agitation porcelain, which first appeared after the revolution. And, finally, a fireplace panel painting of rare beauty, which was made for Savva Mamontov by none other than Mikhail Vrubel himself. The online tour is led by Anastasia Sosnina.
Tour of the permanent exhibition
'Household items'
The spinning wheel used to be an important part of the life of every girl in Russia: she would receive her first spinning wheel at the age of 5, and then another one as a wedding gift from the groom. An equally important part of everyday life was played by the festive clothing of women, from which you could instantly tell both the status and age of the wearer. Viewers of this tour will learn what was included in the dowry, what kind of toys were made by craftsmen of various trades, as well as other interesting facts. The online tour is led by Anastasia Sosnina.
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