Victory Museum

One of the world's leading museums of military history
The museum's collections consist of approximately 300 objects. The main building hosts the permanent exhibition 'Feat of the Army' augmented with multimedia installations, the Hall of True History, six dioramas representing the main battles of WWII and a three-dimensional panorama 'The Berlin Battle: the Feat of the Colour Bearers'.

Virtual tour 'From Kursk to Berlin'
The tour covers the most significant battles of the Great Patriotic War as depicted by various battle painters. The visitors will learn the curious stories behind the exhibits. Dioramas from the museum's collection will be displayed in detail. The tour is led by Svetlana Klevtsovskaya.
Quest 'Tracing the Soldier's Dog'
The quest based on the names of the 7 most famous dogs of the Great Patriotic War! Participants will be offered riddles, games, and battle missions.
The War through the Eyes of an Artist
A tour through a unique diorama complex created by battle painters from Mitrofan Grekov's studio. The six most important battles of WWII are represented with historical accuracy, dynamic composition and true-to-nature colours. Visitors will also learn the stories of the most famous war-time posters. The online tour is guided by Svetlana Klevtsovskaya.
Weapons of Victory
During the open-air tour the guests will discover the impressive collection of more than 400 military vehicles: from the Soviet Il-4 and Li-2 to the trophy Junkers aircraft and a Ha-Go Japanese tank. One can see a legendary 'Katyusha', restored after the battles T-34 tanks and a real armoured train. The online tour is guided by Mikhail Sokolov.
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