Tsaritsyno Museum and Nature Reserve

The largest palace and park ensemble in Moscow
Tsaritsyno, Moscow's largest palace and park ensemble, is a state museum of historical, architectural, artistic and landscape value. Its main attraction is the majestic 18th-century palace created as the summer residence for Catherine the Great.
Monument du Costume. Pictures of Life at the End of the 18th Century.
A virtual tour inviting to discover France in the age of Louis XVI. Explore manners and customs of the Fête Galante through the portraits, works of decorative arts and objects of everyday life. The core element of the exhibition is clothing: home dresses and evening robes, courtier outfits and theatre garments, walking and horse-riding attires, footmen and housemaids' apparel. Prints and gowns, Sèvres porcelain and Paris bronze, furniture and sculpture, fans and snuffboxes: together they make a uniform ensemble to highlight the elegance, demureness, and luxury of Louis XVI style. Tsaritsyno offers Russia's first exhibition dedicated to this cultural phenomenon. The online tour is guided by Yelena Stepanova.

This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
Tsaritsyno Online Walking Tour
Director of Tsaritsyno Museum Yelizaveta Fokina invites you to join her own walking tour across the grounds of Moscow's largest palace and park ensemble. She will explain the historical and architectural meaning of the ensemble, explore the flora and fauna of the park and reveal the secrets of those who used to live behind the magnificent walls of the palace. Guests will learn how the buildings were erected and renovated and see the most picturesque places of Tsaritsyno. The online tour is guided by Yelizaveta Fokina, the director of the museum.
This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
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