Centre for Cyrillic "Slovo"

An exhibition and education space dedicated to the history, present and future of the Cyrillic alphabet
The museum and educational complex for children and adults, unparalleled in Russia, is a kind of attraction point both for lovers of the Russian language and for lovers of architecture, culture and history. Here you can learn how writing has been developing in Russia and in the world, what role it plays in the life of different nations, and how it has been in contact with oral speech for many centuries.
Tour Towards Literacy
The tour will take the viewers to an improvised classroom, where each desk represents a certain period of literacy development in our country. Thus, in the early Christianity period, people used highly complex religious texts to learn to read. Later, in the times of Peter the Great, our country experienced its first breakthrough to begin differentiation in educational institutions. Online viewers will see the textbooks of the time, which Mikhail Lomonosov referred to as the "gateway to his learnedness". Starting from the mid-19th century, thanks to numerous progressive reforms of Alexander II, and then following the abolition of serfdom in 1861, education was made available to other social strata besides the higher class. But the most dramatic changes took place in the Soviet era when the Likbez (Liquidate Illiteracy) programme was introduced in the 1920s. The online tour is hosted by Slovo Centre tour guide Elena Krikunova.
Tour "Book as a Historical Source as Illustrated by Exhibits of the Slovo Centre"
A virtual themed walk through the pages of texts of various eras, from the ancient Ostromir Gospels to the diaries of modern schoolchildren, will allow you to get a new angle on Russian history. Together with the chroniclers, viewers can reflect on the fate of the Russian people and their spiritual destiny, trace the stages of the formation of the unified Russian state, and recall the deeds of the Russian rulers. And copies of birch bark letters and other household details will tell about the everyday life of Russians during various historic periods. The online tour is hosted by the guide of the Slovo Centre Dmitry Daratorin.
This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
Tour "Cyrillic: From Antiquity to Our Time"
The tour "Cyrillic: From Antiquity to Our Time" will tell you how the alphabet emerged, the reasons why it was created, and the role of the word in our life. You will pass the main milestones from the history of writing in Russia and learn the history of the first alphabets, Cyrillic and Glagolitic. Cultural contextualisation will be aided by the interactive exhibits: visitors will find themselves in a monastery cell, a school of zemstvo (country council), and a printing shop. The tour will introduce the audience to oral speech, they will learn about language features. The tour is hosted by Elena Krikunova, the Centre's senior guide.
This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
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