Russian State Library

The largest public library in Russia
The Russian State Library is the largest public library in Russia and one of the largest libraries in the world. It was founded in 1862. Since its foundation the library has been getting mandatory copies of all publications released in the territory of this country. Today the Russian State Library's storerooms hold over 47 million books, documents and artefacts. Every year the library gets over 800,000 visitors. The Russian state library has 36 reading halls where over fifteen hundred people can work simultaneously. People can register with the library from age 14.
An excursion around the halls
of the Pashkov House
The Pashkov House was the beginning of the Russian state library 150 years ago. To this day people can come to this beautiful classical building to study ancient manuscripts, look at geographical maps and listen to music. Viewers of the online tour can get a peek inside the Pashkov House and its halls. The online tour is led by tour guide Darya Khadeyeva.
A tour of the Rumyantsev hall
of the Pashkov House
The most beautiful reading hall in the Pashkov House offers ancient manuscripts and rare archive documents. Today online visitors get a unique opportunity to take a virtual stroll around the Rumyantsev hall and take in the atmosphere of the old library. The online tour is led by tour guide Darya Khadeyeva.
A tour of the legendary Third hall
The biggest reading hall in Europe was made famous by the Soviet feature film Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears. A scene from the film set in the reading hall became a meme and drew even more readers. Even back then not everyone was allowed into the legendary third hall. Today our online visitors can get in without a problem. They will learn about the architectural vision behind the third reading hall, the history and meaning of its artistic elements as well as about the discoveries made during its restoration. The online tour is led by tour guide Darya Khadeyeva.
A tour of the Ivanovsky hall
Ivanovo hall — new exhibition structure of the Russian State Library. In an amazing manner, it brings together the past and the future of the book depository, reminding visitors of the era of the Rumyantsev museum while at the same time setting the new development path for the library. The Ivanovsky hall of the Russian State Library is hosting an exhibition of advertising banners titled Urban Extravaganza. Russian Banners of the late 19th–early 20th centuries. Online visitors will get to see various banners, packages, price lists that illustrate the variety of advertising prior to 1917. The online tour is led by tour guide Darya Khadeyeva.
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