Moscow Planetarium

The world's most advanced (in terms of technical equipment) educational and entertaining astronomy centre
The dome of the Moscow Planetarium with a diameter of 25 metres is one of the largest in Europe. The Planetarium ranks among the 10 most visited science education and museum complexes in Moscow and has been repeatedly called the best sightseeing venue in the capital. Three thousand people come here daily to see the stars, and this figure reaches one million per year.

This is the only science education complex on the planet, which has a classic and an interactive museum, two observatories, an open astronomical platform, a 4D cinema and two star rooms.
Tour of the classic museum of Urania
The audience will have a virtual walk through the two levels of the museum named after the muse of astronomy, and acquaintance with one of the most striking exhibits of the collection. The first level of the museum is dedicated to the history of the Planetarium, as well as the history of the development of tools and methods of cognition of the Universe. Here you can see the mock-ups of old instruments: the Galilean telescope, the Newtonian telescope,and the celestial globe of Johannes Hevelius. At the second level, the audience will be introduced to the world of heavenly bodies.
The online tour is hosted by the senior methodologist of the Moscow Planetarium Elena Ilushchenko.
This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
History of the Moscow Star House
Tour of the interactive Lunarium Museum
Series of lectures "Colourful Sky"
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