Russian National Museum of Music

One of the oldest and largest music museums in the world
One of the oldest and largest music museums, the Russian National Museum of Music was established in 1912. Its collection contains about one million various museum items. Its funds protect precious music scores and literary manuscripts, rare printed editions, audio recordings, vinyls, unique documents related to the life and art of musicians from Russia and other countries. The Russian National Museum of Music is composed of several institutions: the Music Museum, the Prokofiev Museum, Shaliapin's Manor Museum, Museum of Tchaikovsky in Moscow, Golovanov's Museum Apartment, Goldernweiser's Museum Apartment.
Music Fair' Tour
What is a fun fair? It is a holiday, a carnival, a firework of colours and emotions. The tour will tell its audience about fairs in real life and music, of course—through works of 18-19th century's composers. You will see music scores, popular prints and lithographies, photos of performers and shows, sketches of costumes and props. There are also authentic stage outfits of the 20th century. Your guide for the online tour will be the research associate Rushana Khatypova.
It's Opening Night in the Theatre
«Swan Lake» Tour
The tour is dedicated to the history of creation, plot, and music in the Swan Lake ballet. You will see the rooms where Pyotr Tchaikovsky lived, listen to the story of how Swan Lake, a fantastic tale of love and loyalty, was created. Visitors of the online tour will learn about the opening night of the ballet in Moscow and the at-home performance stages for the composer's nephew. Besides, you will learn how to make paper swans. The online tour is guided by Galina Charupa.
Fyodor Shaliapin's House in Moscow' Tour
Shaliapin's life is something that people are interested in even today, centuries later. The artist's friendship with outstanding contemporaries and his personal qualities are not less interesting than his art. The tour will immerse the audience in the life and work of this singer, share with them interesting stories that took place in his house where many representatives of the literary, artistic, and music communities of the 20th century's Moscow gathered. The online tour is guided by the expert in museum and educational activities Tatyana Shintar.
'Family life of Fyodor Shaliapin' Tour
The famous singer Fyodor Shaliapin had a big family in Moscow—his wife and five children. Their history of love and family life is the central theme of this tour. The online tour is guided by the expert in museum and educational activities Tatyana Shintar.
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