The Great Moscow State Circus

The world's largest stationary circus in Europe
The Great Moscow State Circus, the world's largest stationary circus, was opened on Vernadsky Avenue in 1971. Today, it has a workforce of over 500 people including directors, choreographers, musicians, performers, and stage designers.

The circus can seat up to 3,400 people. The building has 5 arenas (equestrian, ice rink, water, illusionist, and light-effect) which can be swapped during the performance. Each year, the circus runs new original performances including a special new year performance in December. Artistes of the circus go on international tours regularly.
Rare video recording of one of the most popular performances in the circus. Created by Askold Zapashny and directed by Evgeny Shevtsov, it tells a wondrous story that involves gipsies, living chess, a bachelors' parade, heavenly garden, and sorcerer's castle. The production is a result of a partnership with the Gia Eradze's Royal Circus. Pelicans, parrots, reindeers, camels, and other animals will appear on the arena.
Rare video recording of a performance by the Zapashny brothers and the Great Moscow State Circus based on the world of digital technologies. SyStem is a cunning combination of a circus performance and state-of-the-art technologies. High-flying motorcycles and bicycles, magnificent outfits, tiger and lions sharing the arena with the Zapashny brothers.
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