Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The first Russian state museum specialised in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries
The museum's collection presents the main stages of development of the avant-garde. The largest part of the collection consists of works by Russian authors, but the exposition also contains works by foreign artists. The core of the museum's collection consists of the work of the Russian avant-garde classics of the early 20th century.
Tour of the thematic exhibition dedicated to the museum's 20th anniversary
The exhibition is curated by twenty celebrities in the most different areas. Each of them used the museum's exhibits to tell a unique history. The tour will let you to look at the world through the eyes of traveller Fedor Konyukhov, writer Vladimir Sorokin, perfumer Frederic Malle and other celebrities. Visitors will see installations, photographs, paintings, and the results of the "People's Choice" special project implemented by artists Vitaliy Komar and Aleksandr Melamid.

The online tour is led by research associates Diana Dzhangveladze and Maria Doronina.

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Sightseeing tour of Zurab Tsereteli Studio Museum
Zurab Tsereteli Studio Museum is located in the part of Moscow, which is historically related to Georgia where the painter was born. In the 18th century, the Georgian Sloboda (settlement) was founded in the area. The museum's exhibition tells about deep connections of the artist's work with the ancient and modern art of Georgia, as well as with the European art of the 20th century. The visitors will view multiple works performed by Zurab Tsereteli in various techniques. The tour includes visiting Sculpture Park, which reveals his multi-faceted personality and his love of life. The tour is led by the MMOMA's guides Yelena Golovina and Yekaterina Rybakova.
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Tour of Sculpture Park at Zurab Tsereteli Studio Museum
Sculpture Park houses a great number of works by Zurab Tsereteli revealing his versatile inspirations. The tour exhibits the models and copies of his monuments erected in many countries of the world, as well as brand new original works. The tour is led by Yekaterina Rybakova, a MMOMA's guide.
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Tatiana Nazarenko's personal exhibition "The Future in the Past"
Online tour of the exhibition of Soviet and Russian artist Tatiana Nazarenko's works. The exhibition presents numerous works by the author, including painting, graphics, installations, made in an individual, very recognizable manner. Tatiana Nazarenko finds inspiration for her works in biblical and historical subjects, as well as contemporary events and moments of her own life, presented in the extensive cycle "Family Album". The tour is led by the exhibition curator Andrey Egorov.
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