Izmailovo Kremlin

Moscow's quiet nook where history and fairy tale intertwine with modernity
Izmaylovo Kremlin is a centre of culture and entertainment created at the base of the Izmaylovo Vernissage. The Izmaylovo Kremlin plays host to museums, workrooms, flea and antiquities markets, festivals and workshops in traditional Russian crafts.

Russian Toy Tour: Tradition, Craft, Image. Playing as Art.
The tour will introduce the audience to the development stages of Russian toys. Visitors will become acquainted with the origins of the cardboard theatre, learn what kind of games boys played and what sort of toys poorer parents would make for their children. Guests will also see a unique late 19th-century doll with a change of clothes, a collection of papier-mâché toys as well as Petrushka, Russia's most famous and favourite character. The online tour is guided by Svetlana Panina.
Izmailovo Kremlin guided tour
Izmailovo Kremlin was constructed in 2003 on the plot once occupied by the Romanov dynasty's historical manor. It is the most genuinely Russian place in all of Moscow. The nailless wooden church here is the tallest functioning church of this kind in Moscow. Watchtowers churches. Birthplace of the Russian Navy - why? Silver and grape pond. Vernissage market. What else to do. Young artists. An online tour by the guide Svetlana Panina.
Russian Toy: Tradition, Craft, Image. Games in the old times
During the tour, participants will discover the story behind the creation and development of Russian folk toys, their images and representation in culture and art. Participants will delve into the characters, pattern and plots around Russian folk toys, gaining insight into their deep traditions and purposes. The tour will also discuss from what toys were historically made, how they were named, crafted as well as how they 'worked', among other interesting aspects of history.
The online tour is guided by Svetlana Panina.
History and Traditions of Breadmaking guided tour
The exhibition showcases various samples of baked goods, wooden and birch bark utensils, mortars and millstones for grinding grain into flour, gingerbread baking molds called pryanitsy, a collection of samovars, and many examples of applied art. Visitors will explore the process of cultivating grain crops and the toilsome work of cereal farmers. An online tour by the guide Svetlana Panina.
Virtual tour 'Russian Drinking Customs' 18+
The tour will introduce various techniques for the preparation of hops and spirits and the main trends in the development of alcohol production in historical context. Visitors will learn about the origins of the most curious vodka customs and the favourite drinks of many celebrities. The tour is led by Zhanna Gagarinova.
Tour 'Museum of Russian Vodka. Soviet Times' 18+
The visitors will learn about the origins of the custom 'to split a bottle three ways' and prohibition in Soviet Russia. How did imported vodka hit the shelves of Soviet shops? Where did the Smirnoff, Gorbachev, and Yeltsin vodka come from? What did Soviet detoxes and buffets look like? The tour is led by Zhanna Gagarinova.
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