Gostiny Dvor

The oldest of its kind in Moscow
Gostiny Dvor is a complex of buildings located in the historical centre of Moscow and an architectural monument of the 18th century. Currently, Gostiny Dvor is a modern cultural and business centre, where international exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows and other large-scale events are held.
Gostiny Dvor Tour
The tour "The History of the Gostiny Dvor" is a story about one of the most interesting and monumental buildings in Moscow. Visitors will learn the history of the building, which in its time saw overseas merchants and served as an office for bank employees, a building that housed pubs and served as a meeting place for Russian intellectuals, and which survived a fire, a war and several major renovations.

Throughout its existence, Gostiny Dvor has been at the centre of urban events; the ways of merchants, diplomats, travellers, and scientists passed through it. It has been a venue where people traded overseas goods and made deals, learned the latest city news. Its pavilions housed the city exchange and trading shops of large manufacturers, the first pharmacy and a large bank. The online tour is hosted by the guide Sofia Davydova.
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