The Timiryazev State Biological Museum

A general biology exposition located in a former estate
The State Biological Museum is a world that is free of hustle and bustle, a world that is warm in winter and cool in summer, a world where you can comfortably study our planet's inhabitants. Its exhibits cover all areas of biology.
The museum's expositions and collections are unusually diverse, including beautiful taxidermised animals and unique specimen with developmental abnormalities, paleontological and botanical exhibits, animalistic artworks and plastic anthropological reconstructions, dioramas and biogroups, seashells and models of mushrooms.

Tour of the 'Faces' exhibition
On this tour of the 'Faces' exhibition and the museum halls, viewers will find out what determines the shape of a person's face, how scientists restore the appearance of people who are long dead, why people change their faces, and what AI has got to do with it. You will learn how people recognise each other's faces, and whether people are the only ones who can do it. The online tour is led by the Head of the Zoology Department of the State Biological Museum, Margarita Atroshchenko.
Tour of the museum's greenhouse
It is impossible to imagine life on Earth without plants. They produce oxygen and serve as a source of food and raw material for the production of clothes and household items, they can heal and give positive emotions. Miniature and huge, vibrant and unremarkable, harmless and predatory — the endless variety of flora is simply amazing. City residents, who live in the harsh conditions of an urban jungle, miss out on this healing greenery. Viewers of this tour will take a virtual walk around the greenhouse and get a chance to become closer to the wonderful world of plants. The online tour is led by the Head of the Greenhouse and Park Work at the State Biological Museum, Olga Mikheeva.
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