State Darwin Museum

The Moscow museum dedicated to the evolution theory
One of the largest evolution museums in the world. The animal world is represented by collections with a century-old history. Next to them you can find hi-tech innovations, dinosaur reconstructions, a journey into the past in 5D format and a digital planetarium.
Online tour "In the World of Ancient Animals"
Our planet keeps the memory of ancient times in the form of fossils: the remains of living organisms that once inhabited Earth. Studying them, palaeontologists recreate for us a picture of the past and reconstruct the appearance of extinct animals. During the tour you will learn about the ancient animals that once inhabited the territory of modern Russia, see the skeletons of ancient dinosaurs and even the "revived" scene of a fight between two dinosaurs: a carnivorous velociraptor and a herbivorous protoceratops, and learn the secret where and how you can find real fossils by yourself.
The online tour is led by Yaroslav Popov, a palaeontologist of the Darwin Museum.
This video has subtitles in Russian and English. Use the "Subtitles" function on YouTube.
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