State Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

The first and only state memorial Bulgakov museum in Russia
The Bulgakov Museum is the first and only state memorial Bulgakov museum in Russia. It was founded in 2007 in flat No. 50, 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street.The goal of the museum is to tell its guests the full story of Bulgakov's works and about the Moscow and culture that surrounded him.
Virtual tour of the famous revenue house at 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya
The tour tells the story of house No. 10 at Bolshaya Sadovaya, where Mikhail Bulgakov stayed during his early years in Moscow. The house was build in 1904 by an architect Edmund Yuditsky for industrial magnate Ilya Pigit. There are more than 50 flats in it. The visitors will be introduced to the famous and uncelebrated tenants of the house. The story of one building reflects the life of the whole city in the 20th century. The tour is led by Dmitry Oparin.
The Housing Problem
Mikhail Bulgakov came to Moscow in 1921, when the housing crisis reached its climax. The 'housing problem' haunted Bulgakov throughout his life, becoming one of major topics in his works. During the tour its guests will discover how Bulgakov struggled for a place to live in the capital, how he came to live in flat number 50, who were his neighbours and how he got along with them. The online tour is guided by the curator of the exhibition Mariya Kotova.
Mikhail Bulgakov's Writer Dictionary:
Yuriy Slyozkin
The exhibition tells the story of Bulgakov's older friend, Yuriy Slyozkin. Their friendship began in Vladikavkaz and lasted only five years (1920–1925), but Slyozkin embarked on his career as a writer long before he knew Bulgakov and continued it after they parted ways. During the tour its guests will discover the life history of writer Yuriy Slyozkin. 'A marquess born a century late,' as Mikhail Bulgakov once said about him.The online tour is guided be Aleksandr Roginskiy.
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Ilya Ilf: Registered in Moscow! Story of One Room in 1929–1933
During the tour its guests will hear the story about Ilya Ilf's first living space in Moscow—a room in building 5 on Soymonovskiy Proyezd. Ilya Ilf came to Moscow in 1923, and it was only six years later that he became a legitimate resident of the city. He managed to get a room and reunite with his wife Maria. For a long time, she had to live with her parents in Odessa, away from 'dear Ilya' because of the 'housing problem'.The online tour is guided by Roma Liberov.
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