Brusnikin Workshop Theatre

Youth Theatre Established Based on the Moscow Art Theatre School Course from Dmitriy Brusnikin
Brusnikin Workshop is a young, independent theatre created on the basis of the Moscow Art Theatre School course led by Dmitriy Brusnikin.

Currently, the theatre has upwards of twenty performances in its active repertoire. The Workshop's artists use unusual urban spaces for the theatre, such as the Lenin Library, the Moscow Museum, the Flacon Design Factory and the Seasons Project studio.
«Culmination» (film)
The film «Culmination» created by the TV channel «Theater» represents the 2019 ceremony of the contemporary drama awards «Culmination». At the ceremony the artists of the Brusnikin's Workshop Theater performed 10 sketches based on the winning plays. Among the winning plays there are works by Alexei Makeychik, Olzhas Zhanaydarov, Alexandra Fomina, Igor Nosovsky, Roman Kozyrchikov and other contemporary Russian playwrights.
The sketches were created by the directors of the Brusnikin's Workshop Theater Marina Brusnikina, Sergey Shchedrin, Sergey Karaban. The «Culmination» contest is held with the contribution of the Presidential Grants Fund.
BRUS HOME Online Festival
Broadcasts featuring the theatre's performers: play readings, productions, cooking shows and much more
The online premiere is available on until 16 April.

This performance is a reflection on the formation and development of the human personality. Inspired by the terrifying figure Charles Manson, its authors seek to comprehend that which lies beyond our understanding.

Actor: Vasiliy Butkevich
Director: Semyon Stupin
Stage designer: Mariya Levina

A public talk about Sonm with Vasiliy Butkevich and Semyon Stupin will be held on 11 April at 7pm on the project's official Instagram page.
We are grateful to everyone who joined the project. The contents of this page are updated every day. Thank you very much for your assistance and support!
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